Initial Jewelry As An Important Part Of Your Jewelry Collection

2020 fashions have one thing in common: self-expression is an important part of what you wear. From sarcastic memes being printed on T-shirts to identity flaunting flags and garments, individuality YOU=is a key part of the most popular fashions.

As fashions evolve, some of our oldest styles find themselves becoming popular once more, such as stories told through charm necklaces and beliefs being showed off on medallions. One of these re-popularized fashions is initial jewelry. Initial jewelry was a raging love before the turn of the millennium and raged in popularity from the 60s to the 80s.

This accessory has once more returned to our jewelry boxes, and here’s why it’s such an important part of our jewelry collections.

#1 The Variety Of Styles:        

Wearing initial jewelry isn’t as simple as grabbing any old locket with your initial on it and throwing it around your neck. While the base remains firm, the variety goes in and out as fashion lovers struggle to stay up to date. Initial jewelry is something that is very personal to many.

Often, consumers choose to get more than one letter engraved on discs, or get their birthstones encrusted into the base. Women often choose the initials of their loved ones on their jewelry.

Another part of the variety is that this jewelry isn’t just limited to lockets. Charm bracelets with personalized symbols hanging from the chain, or rings with entwined initials speckled with gemstones are just a few of the items that cover the bases of initial jewelry.

This locket is a good example of the most popular initial accessories.

Or if you’re looking for a promise ring, this one with your initial as a part of it is a trendy and eccentric style. 

#2 The Popularity:                                                                                                  

Our celebrities are a more important part of our lives than many care to admit. They influence our viewpoints, our choices, the way we walk, the way we talk, and most commonly, our fashion accessories. This is why as soon as the initial accessories were spotted being sported by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Bella Hadid, fashion magazines and gurus scrambled to pull up their articles on why initial accessories were a must-have.

And really who can blame them?

But the most common reason why these initial items became popular was because of the chance they give us to stick to our roots and stand out from the crowd at the same time. In a world of more than 7 billion people, we’re all struggling to be recognized for our efforts, and initial charms give us a chance to advertise what makes us special.

Initial jewelry was popular for these reasons back in the times of our parents too, and it seems that some things are here to stay. If you want to invest in this beloved fashion, go to for the best initial jewelry and a vast assortment of other items at prices that’ll make you blow.

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